Strange things occurred to me lately, inside I was feeling very embarrassed with inexplicable shame 
and at the same time very happy from new feelings and pleasures that I had just experienced.
 My mother and I have repeated our intimate meetings many times after our first encounter.
 Mom sucked my dick and while doing so, she was always looking at me with her kind and tired eyes. 
I enjoyed this so much, it was truly wonderful. In fact for this reason I shot my massive load right into motherís mouth. The experience was so perfect. When we made love for the first time, mommy put my cock into her soft wet pussy. Later she told me it was better to have anal sex to avoid problems. 
I had seen that many times on video and quickly figured out what to do. The very first time she let me insert my penis into her tight anus and even with a strong feeling that I would orgasm, 
I didnít cum for some time.
She offered me to ride her and 
in a moment I wildly jumped onto the saddle and began playing with my stiff cock. I donít know why, but I remembered 
times ago, when I used to ride my momís back. Thinking about that, I came really hard. The sperm spurted upon the saddle, mommyís hair and back, but that only made me more excited. I jumped down and violently pulled out the tail from momís ass. She shuddered a bit and quietly screamed. I think I could hurt 
her by that abrupt movement.
 I tenderly caressed her butt and 
accidentally inserted a finger inside.

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