The cock slid easily inside of her. I snuggled up to momís back, never stopping my cocks movement. 
My shaft suddenly slid out of her asshole and mom turned over onto her back. I was standing above her, looking at her spread legs and vagina from where I was born a long time ago. At that moment I thought about other things though. Gripping momís legs I spread them as wide as I could. This is what I saw in porn films. A man and woman making love on the kitchen. He is on the top, spreads her legs and puts his cock into her pussy. I always wanted to try that and my dream became true that day thanks to my mother! I was pounding her until my cock unloaded again. The last thing I remember is while cumming I fell with my face on my motherís right breast, the right one, which I saw bare the evening before.
momson sex art son fuck mom comics No doubts this time, all that happened to me was real. What will be in the future? What do I have to do? Anyway, mom always wanted to do what was best 
for me. That means I donít have any reasons to worry. At that moment I have to go to the toilet, but as Iím trying to get up, something doesnít let me go. 
Then I notice Iím in my motherís bed, she is lying near me and holding my cock in her mouth. And so this ended the first day of my sexual life!
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