Thinking about that, I came really hard. The sperm spurted upon the saddle, mommy’s hair and back,
 but that only made me more excited. I jumped down and violently pulled out the tail from mom’s ass.
 She shuddered a bit and quietly screamed. I think I could hurt her by that abrupt movement. 
I tenderly caressed her butt and accidentally inserted a finger inside. 
Mum pulled her ass away and turning her head said to me, 
“Do it the way mommy likes cowboy” and again I inserted my dick into mom’s ass.
We made love for a long time.  First we were on the floor, then that we got on the sofa.
 Again and again I took my mom from behind. Later she ordered me to sit down. She sat on me and 
let me put my dick into her pussy. After our first time having sex she never let me do that again until now. 
It made me very excited and I enjoyed every moment.
mom son sex artworks mom son love story My dick softly slid in her ass and moved
in deeper. What an incredible experience as my mom moved her buttocks up and down repeating my movements.
 I loved the way she did this. I was carried away so much that I almost came.
 Mom stopped me just before
 the moment of orgasm, she always knows what’s best for me. To slow down my lust we sat on the floor and she pointed to one of the boxes. I grabbed it and proceeded to unwrap it and much to my surprise there was a little green saddle in it. Mom took it and asked me to close my eyes.
 I opened my eyes and saw mum doggy 
style with her ass bent up towards me!
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