Incest… The majority will say that intimate relations and sex with own mother is a perversion.  But when this happened to me, I didn’t feel anything like that. I was happy. My dream was coming true…  I was too young to aware any consequences.
 I just went with the stream and slightly hoped that this will stay forever  When my mom had time to be at home, she used to perform some home work usually.  I did everything she asked me. When she used to speak with me, or simply was next to me,  I was able to understand precisely what woman I want, to live a life together:  she would have my mom’s hands, hair, face, teeth, eyes… At some instant I saw the desirable object  of love in front of me…  but then it was my mom again, worried about something, a little bit thoughtful…
mom-son hentai incest toons incest comics storys I opened my eyes. Was it reality or was it a dream?  How could I know that?! I found myself naked on the kitchen table.  The answers to my questions gave me the most loved woman in my life. Somehow her caring love changed  into a sweetly perverted desire.  My mom was near me all that time.  She jumped on the table totally naked and started to kiss my body.  Then she took my rigid dick and quickly slid all of it into her soft voluptuous slit.
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