I heard mom coming out from the bathroom.  As I raised my eyes I saw her wet hair and moist body  covered with a big towel.Her face was a little bit confused. She came up to me,  put her hands on mine and gently kissed me. She turned around and took off the towel that had hidden her beautiful body… I don’t know what to think. I don’t even know if it is proper to have these thoughts.  I was lying in my bed for a long time thinking and then began to fall asleep. I was dreaming about a girl  and a cowboy.  Im galloping in the desert and on a big stone I notice a beautiful Indian girl sunbathing.  I stop my horse near her and as she turns her head to me, I recognize my mother in her!  I stretch my hand to her and take her on my horse. We are galloping across the gray sultry desert.  I am clasping her close to my body and it seems her skin trembles with excitement…
mom fuck son art weird mom son art “Do it the way mommy likes cowboy”  and again I inserted my dick into mom’s ass. We made love for a long time.   First we were on the floor, then that we got on the sofa. Again and again I took my mom from behind. Later she ordered me to sit down. She sat on me and let me put my dick into her pussy. After our first time having sex she never let me do that again until now. It made me very excited and I enjoyed every moment. Mommy took her tail and put it into her anal hole  simultaneously riding my dick.  Those moments I thought  were the best minutes of my life.
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