Closing the door behind me, I took my shoes off, threw off my pants and shirt and in trunks only,
 I ran into the kitchen. There was mom completely naked in an apron standing with her back facing me. Her ass was so smooth and having heard me come in, she bent over and offered me a cake, which didn’t interest me. I set this aside. “Happy birthday my little cowboy”, mom kissed my forehead, lips and pulled me to her breasts. I put my hands on her waist and untied the apron. At the same moment we grasped each other and fell passionately to the floor in the same location where mom had prepared my presents. Mommy bent over and gave me her butt and in a minute my cock penetrated her anus.
 Happy Birthday! My dick softly slid in her ass and moved in deeper. What an incredible experience as my mom moved her buttocks up and down repeating my movements. I loved the way she did this.
 I was carried away so much that I almost came. Mom stopped me just before the moment of orgasm, she always knows what’s best for me.
mom son incest cartoons mom son comics We made love all the evening and tried many different positions.
 I cummed over and over again. 
Sometimes I saw mom moaning and shivering with pleasure. In moments 
such as this, I imagined mom cumming multiple times from our hard sex. 
That excited me greatly and I fucked her till we couldn’t do it anymore.
 Cumming for the last time I laid down and almost at the same moment fellasleep. 
The next morning I woke up in my bed. Seems like mom took me there.
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