From upstairs, from mom’s room – she came back late, even haven’t noticed that TV was working.
 I went upstairs, continuing to think about cowboys and Indians. We have learned it on history lessons, that it was unfair war, but Indian girl said gently “Oh, my cowboy!” to a man who came to take away her motherland. Erotic channel sucks… 
My door is at the end of the corridor, corner, after mom’s one. I turned the passageway, and saw… light of mom’s lamp everywhere. Her door was half-opened, it seemed, that she wasn’t sleeping yet.
 I needed to pass insensibly, or she would ask me questions: “How are you doing in school?”,
 “Why don’t you walk with friends?”, “Why don’t you meet with girls?”.
incest mom son comics mom son family sex I’m trying to slip by without being seen.
 Behind a slightly opened door
 I see my mother. 
She is sitting on the sofa 
with her back facing the door. 
She is getting undressed and almost has all her clothes off! I feel a bit anxious as she is taking off her bra. Yes! There are her marvelous breasts!
 I still do remember when I was little child seeing my mom naked when we were bathing together, but for now it’s much different for me.
 I’m watching intently at my mother’s
 tits and staring at her hard nipples,
 I’m beginning to get weak in the knees.
 I stood up still and thought she noticed I was there! I’m sliding into my room
 like a snake; I’m covering myself with
 a warm sheet, closing my eyes…
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