I don't think mother thought that she was doing anything wrong in allowing 
me to have my way with her tits, or even our practically being naked in bed together
while I did it. I had gotten a little embarrassed as I got older about asking her 
to suck my penis. I decided something that good couldn't be bad.
I was still not at the age when I could ejaculate. But, I began to relate that old tingling
I had gotten when rubbing my penis against my mother while sucking on her tits 
and deducted that if I had rubbed hard enough, I would have gotten that same delicious feeling while on top of her...
We kissed and explored until she nibbled her way down my body to kneel in front of me. With the tips of her nails, 
she touched my cock for the first time. 
I was glad Grandma had teach me to control my ejaculations 
or I'd've shot in her face.

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