Mother deserted us when I was five.
It happened because dad lost his job and wasn’t able to pay the bills.
 His new job was poorly-paid, father barely made both ends meet. 
He became irritable, drank a lot. However, when he didn’t drink 
 he complained about his life.I feel sorry for him. 
I remember what he did for me, how he has been taking care of me 
 during all these years. I bless him for his love. 
I have always wanted to help my father, make good things for him, 
 became such person for him, whom my mom couldn’t be…
When I came into the room, my father was sitting at the table reading my secret diary.
 I used to write down there everything I imagined when I was masturbating. 
I had forgotten to hide it and father 
accidentally found it. He glanced at me. Seemed like he was angry. I thought he would take me to my room to punish. Instead of that he gripped me 
and threw to the bed…
I asked him to stop, but he didn’t care that and continued fucking me.
 Father held me with his strong hands. 
His enormous pecker was too big for my teeny pussy and hurt me greatly.
 I cried out with pain, but at the same time I was cumming over and over again. 
Then daddy took his dick out of me, gripped me by the hair and violently
 pushed the cock into my mouth.
 It was so huge that I gagged and tears welled into my eyes.

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