Why doesn't he begin from the members of his family? Besides, the love to a mother and sister
 is the first pure feeling of the human being.

This is not a violation or a sin you have to be punished for. This is just a new level of the sexual revolution. This is a new power that ruins old traditions. In fact, we don't even know the origins of that rules.
What do you want?
- I want to find a website.
- Iíll let you do it if youíll help me.
- HmmÖ What I need to do?
- It swelled, if you lick it everything will be ok.
- Yep, I lick good!
- Like this?
- Yes, yes! Donít stop!
- Tastes like lollipop, and quite pleasant. 
- Moans, this thing must be ailing.
- Feel better? Can I take the computer?
- Swelled again!?
- It needs to be dive into warm and wet place.
- Oh, such a huge and strong stuff
- I can feel itís becoming bigger ...
- So tight
- Oh, it became wet there
- I like it, more, more...
- Do you feel better?
- Y-e-e-s!
- Poor brother, its nice if daddy to learn me
 how to help when it swelled

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