... I couldnít believe it was happening with me. 
Mom had just helped me to loose my virginity and that was so intense. 
I canít describe what I was feeling then. I remember  I was trying
 to feel momís vagina from inside. It was warm and very soft.
Mom continued to ride my cock.  Her delicious tits jumped near my own nose.
Almost immediately I cummed inside  my mother. The sperm shot out and squirted from my dick...
We made love all the evening 
and tried many different positions.
I cummed over and over again. 
Sometimes I saw mom moaning and shivering with pleasure. In moments
 such as this,I imagined mom cumming
multiple times from our hard sex. 
That excited me greatly and I fucked her till we couldnít do it anymore. 
Cumming for the last time I laid down and almost at the same moment fell asleep. 
The next morning I woke up in my bed...
 No doubts this time, all that 
happened to me was real. What will be
 in the future? What do I have to do? Anyway, mom always wanted to do what was best for me. That means I donít have any reasons to worry...

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