Everything was as usual that day. Stuck around school, then came home, made homework, bought some food in a shop and began to watch TV. Evening came insensibly. I took away the video cassette from cassette recorder and switched channel to a movie, then I lied on a sofa and started to wait momma’s coming, looking around trying to find rest traces of my pubescence. However, she didn’t come in time, 
was delayed on work… Few moments later, I slept in front of TV. 
The door banged.
I opened my eyes – TV is working, a cowboy is talking with Indian woman, they are undressing and hugging. It’s erotica – beautiful, but no explicit sex episodes. Swarthy babe with Indian feathers on a head kisses a guy and moans: Oh, my cowboy!. I switched the TV off.
I was dreaming about a girl and a cowboy.
I’m galloping in the desert and on a big stone I notice a beautiful Indian girl subathing. 
I stop my horse near her and as she turns her head to me, I recognize my mother in her! 
I stretch my hand to her and take her on my horse. 
We are galloping across the gray sultry desert. I am clasping her close to my body and it seems her skin trembles with excitement… 

I’m opening my eyes…

 I jumped out of my bed and ran to the bathroom, hiding with my hand my stretched out rigid cock. Without looking first, I opened the room and in a moment I shut the door. As I looked up I saw my mom, she was taking a shower at that time...

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